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March 30, 2020


In the rapidly changing world of medical education, professional development (PD) is not an option; it is a necessity! The Office for Faculty Advancement is introducing a new way to expand your horizons about PD topics. Podcasts (audio files that you can download and stream on any digital device) are an easy way to fit PD into your busy schedule!

We are introducing Marshall Medical Faculty Podcast Central, which will bring you a wide range of professional development topics. 


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JCESOM faculty members can connect with the MUSOM community and beyond!

In this podcast series, we will feature members of our faculty who speak about their academic journey and share their clinical and research interests. Join Mackenzie Fravel from the Office for Faculty Advancement as she interviews faculty members about their role and accomplishments.  Get to know some of our passionate professors and see how committed they are to our MUSOM community.



An FAQ series of podcasts aimed at addressing questions faculty and staff may have in the diverse arena of academia.


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